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'This Ummah (Muslims) is like one body. When one part of the body hurts, the rest of the body suffers.' {H} Many hundreds of millions of deceased Muslims are suffering, right now, as you read this. They are not dead, they’re in Barzakh (Purgatory) and you can help them by simply making MDN your home page (on all of your computers, your children will truly learn Islam by reading the 5 daily quotes, one minute per day). You will relieve the suffering of the entire deceased Muslim Ummah (nation) each time you log onto the internet and recite the Fatiha.

Our mission is to help those who can no longer help themselves. Each Fatiha will certainly help the deceased by providing peace & blessings to all. If we all make MDN our home page, we can (by Allah’s will) become the most visited site on the internet, generating millions of Fatihas each day for these poor, unfortunate souls! Try to imagine their joy, gratitude & thankfulness as they bask in the warmth & comfort of these ever-increasing blessings by you.

First, we need you to make MDN your home page & second, we’d need you to get those closest to you to do the same. 'None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.' {H} You can make Barzakh a more pleasant experience for us all with just one click of your mouse! Of course we also invite you to take advantage of all the features (and the new up-coming features) provided for your spiritual growth, including, but not limited to, the 5 new scrolling quotes daily, the Community Calendar and the links to some of the best Islamic websites on the internet (your suggestions are always appreciated).

We’re the only organization (that we know of) dedicated to helping our brethren in Barzakh. You may also consider becoming one of our Sponsors or a Volunteer, as we strive to have a presence in every major city, country, and spoken language.

{1 = 700} ‘It is like one who sows a good grain of wheat in the field, from which grows a plant, on which sprout seven ears and each ear yields one hundred grains. As a result, one grain is worth a total yield of 700 grains. When one spends in the way of Allah, he or she receives in return (reward in the Hereafter) on the scale of one to seven hundred.’ {Q} We intend to leave no Muslim forgotten by documenting, on this site, every Muslim in recorded history. We strongly encourage you to add all your deceased relatives. We provide a place to share or gather details on recent deaths as well as a place to document the history of those who’ve passed long ago, keeping their memories alive for family & posterity.

Imagine if the roles were reversed. How long would you want them to delay before they added you to this site? Of course, you can always return later to add a photo and/or more details. Please click the ‘Contact Us’ link if you would like to volunteer in your city or to become a Sponsor. May Allah bless you and increase your good deeds.